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Become Avantage model!

You do not need professional photos for your application, you can simply take them with your phone.
Make sure that the pictures are taken in natural light, preferably without make-up,
in simple clothes (for girls: top with skirt/shorts, for boys: t-shirt, jeans). You can find sample photos below.
When uploading, make sure that the quality of the photos is sharp enough.


Girls: from the age of 14 from a minimum height of 170 cm to a maximum of 175 cm, from the age of 15-16 the minimum height of 172 cm to a maximum of 180 cm,
and between the ages of 17 and 20, a minimum height of 175 cm -to a maximum of 181 cm is required, and a slim build.
We are also waiting for Plus Size girls to apply.

Boys between the ages of 18-22 from a minimum height of 185 cm, between the ages of 23-30 from a minimum height of 186 cm to a maximum height of 191 cm, slim build.

"Show yourself and we will soon show you to the world!"



Optional, but can be of great help to us if your site is not private.





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